The Final Frontier

The Sun

The Sun

Type of Star

The star at the center of our Solar System is the Sun. It is a yellow dwarf star.


The Sun is a burning sphere of gas. 73% of this gas is hydrogen and 25% is helium. Hydrogen atoms get compressed and fuse together, creating helium. This process is called nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion produces huge amounts of energy.

Size (Diameter)

The largest object in our solar system, the Sun is 110 times the diameter of the Earth.


The Sun makes up 99.8% of all the mass in the Solar System. 1.3 million Earths can fit inside the Sun.


The massive Sun has 28 times the gravity of Earth.


The burning ball of gas reaches temperatues of 5,505 degrees celsius on the surface, and 15 million degrees celsius at it's core.


8 planets orbit the Sun, along with thousands of smaller objects.

Distance from the Earth

The Sun is 92.96 million miles from Earth.

Effect on Earth

The Sun provides Earth and other planets with heat and light. Life would not exist on Earth without the Sun.